Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dip-Dye Hair {By Salon Verve}


Today... I decided to go bold. As in, I have new hair. 

I have always had pretty conservative hair - long, nice, pretty girl hair. I realized that I am tired of that for now! ;)

SO, I went to Salon Verve to get my hair done by Evette Tritt. She is kind of a whiz - I am always so pleased with her work. I knew she would work with me to create something awesome.

After some discussion, we came up with a strategy. And I wound up with this:

Fabulous dip-dye hair! I even go better with the environment:

Haha. :)
I love it. I love having hair that is as sassy as I feel.

Side note - my outfit today was so fun. I wore a thrifted skirt and a billowy top, with stacked bracelets and funky shoes. So so fun. :)

What do you think? Would you do cotton-candy dip-dye hair? ;)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food is fashion too. :)

Quick - 2 things:

1.Look at this cake... omg. I want it for my birthday. :)

2. I kind of want this devil-looking cat...

I hope your week is going well!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

What to wear: Weekend

The weekend is almost here! I have a few fun things on the books - going to help a new Stella & Dot Stylist launch her business, doing a poolside S&D show at an apartment complex, and generally lounging. I will, however, need to look cute for some of these things.
I figured you probably have some fabulous summer-time fun thing happening this weekend as well, so I thought I'd throw together a little inspiration board with some fun outfits for you...What to wear: Weekend

What to wear: Weekend by Dash's Personal Styling featuring square sunglass

I hope this helps put a kick in your wardrobe planning! And don't forget - I would love to make a personalized Inspiration Board for you!

Have a glorious Friday.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Brights


I am in love with bright colors... from my teal shorts to my nails,
I want to be surrounded with fabulous pops of color ALL SUMMAH!

Do you use I am in love. Anyway, I found this on there:

I have some hot orange nail polish that I will be sporting today... now to find some awesome accessories...

I have these shorts and some rad stuff... let's use to create a bright, fun outfit board!

Neon set

Yummm. I want to make these outfits happen in real life.

What about you? Do you love the neon trend?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Excited to announce a new service!


I have been working on an idea for a while of how to give you the short&sweet styling advice you need sometimes. I know now and then it can be intimidating figuring out what to wear for a photo shoot or a big event. 

So, I am introducing my newest service, a virtual Inspiration Board service!
Basically, we chat for a little bit about what you want, and I will take the guesswork out of it by making you a board with 25-30 items, including 3 complete outfits (with jewelry and accessories).

It is a great way to get some outside-the-box ideas while working within your budget. And if you decide you want extra help in purchasing your items, you know who to call. ;)

Vintage photoshoot inspiration
{an example}

As an introductory special, I am offering this service for $25 per board*!!! This service is great for couples/families wanting to create a cohesive look for portraits without resorting to a typical denim theme (heheh). 

I am also offering an add-on service of MAKEUP INSPIRATION BOARDS for $15. This is a great way to generate ideas of what will work for you to complete your look!

Contact me to book this service!


* {add $10 if it is a multi-person board}

Marfa Fashion Shoot Part 2 - Geek Chic


As promised, Kayla has put up part 2 of our Marfa shoot
{Check it out here}
We couldn't decide what to name this section... She thought Boho chic, which I love. But for my post, I decided to go with "Geek chic" - tell me if you agree. Being from Austin, I am WAY familiar with geek chic/hipster style. ;) But really, I like both labels.

For this section of the shoot, Kayla and her hubs, Clint had scouted out some amazing locations. Let's get started!

1. This first outfit was the first of the day. Michelle was still getting her modeling feet wet - she transitioned into a glamazon like a pro. For the beginning, we kept it simple - a cool chair on the main road, and a red bicycle that was near Kayla's hotel.

This outfit was so fun - a shirt from Dillards that was drapey and casual. With the little peep of shoulder, it was sexy. Michelle wore her own shorts and shoes, as well as a pretty rad vest from the late 80's that my mom gave me.
With the outfit being casual, I gave her a classic look. For the eyes, I started with Bare Escentuals eye powder in Desire all over the lid. It created a great light shimmer base, onto which i added a shimmer brown (from a cheap kit I bought at Ross for $4! I will tell you more about my makeup philosophies later, but know one thing - your powders can be pretty cheap as long as you have good brushes). The brown defined the crease and made her eyes oh-so-deep. I lined the top and bottom lids with both a dusting of Desire and a thin, smudgy line of the brown. 
I accented the bow of the lips, the bridge of the nose, and the inner corders of the eyes in Clinique's Daybreak shadow.
Then came the fun part - Falsies. I used Ardelle Fashion Lashes and a dark coloured adhesive. You will see in the "Behind the scenes" video, I used a bobby pin to press them gently onto the lash line.
This makeup look created a great base to build upon as we progressed into more dramatic looks.

2. Our second outfit was another Bestey Johnson outlet find. I put it with some Dolce Vita for Target wedges, which I loved for this outfit. Her jewelry was part Stella & Dot {the earrings}, with a vintage bracelet and locket.

Kayla had spotted a couple of great locations for this outfit - an old Airstream trailor, which was so romantic...

And a house that was in ruins. It was a perfect contrast to the bright, flirty look we had going. Kayla did an amazing job capturing that contrast.

3. This outfit was maybe my favorite... We shot out by some old Army barracks as the sun was going down... It was FREEZING, but while Kayla and I were complaining and shivering, Michelle kept it cool and posed like Tyra. She even took off her jacket for a few shots! Brave woman..
She wore a sequin dress that I found in a vintage store a few years ago - I bought it for $14! I paired it with a navy blazer from J. Crew several seasons ago. Again she wore her own shoes, and I added a Stella&Dot necklace. 

 I fluffed up her hair and shook it out. it was big, bold, and sexy. Her natural curls were a major asset for this shoot.
The makeup was a riff on the starting makeup, plus deep plum shadow and a more severe blush.

4. Our final location was almost an accident - the sun was going down FAST, and we barely made it to this bridge in time. We had to do wardrobing in the car. :)

This is, to me, the epitome of Geek Chic. Doesn't she look cute?

She is wearing another thrift store find - a 90's Donna Karen dress that I cut shorter. We used no extra jewelry - she is just wearing her friendship bracelets and wedding ring. 
I kept her hair down and teased it up huge, then added a vintage hair clip that belonged to my friend's grandmother.
We did red lips, and BAM, beautiful, nerdy perfection. 

And so concludes the Marfa Fashion Shoot. Be sure to contact me if you need styling services, and contact Kayla Barker to do your photos! We made quite a team, if I do say so. ;)Check out Kayla's blog for more gorgeous photos.
I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed styling it!  


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marfa Fashion Shoot Pt. 1 - Retro Glam

I mentioned to you before that I styled a fashion shoot with my dear friend Kayla Barker in marfa a while back. Here are some of the photos! Kayla is going to give us several posts, and I am doing a style recap for each one. Here are some fun details about part one!
(click photos to view larger)

1. Our gorgeous model, Michelle, had never done any modeling before... she totally blew me away! I knew she had a perfect style for what I wanted for the shoot, but I had no idea how comfortable she would be in front of a camera. SHE WAS A NATURAL. Girl could work it!
For all of these shots, I had pulled Michelle's hair into a slow, loose side bun. (Tutorial to come)
In this segment, she wore a Phoebe Couture dress. This dress went perfectly with the glorious Thunderbird Hotel's surroundings. The shoes are  Michelle's own - I have no idea where they are from, but they happened to be great. 
For jewelry, Michelle is wearing the following Stella & Dot items:

I kept the accessories simple for this one. Her makeup is a simple, elegant style, with a touch of drama. I used NARS blush in Desire. I applied a dark plum shadow to the crease and created a wing, and used a heavy line of Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.
The lipstick in these shots was a revlon color that I will have to hunt down to remember. :)

2. Also at the Thunderbird, the shots in the green dress were high on drama and low on fuss. The dress is a vintage find that I came across in an Austin Thrift store a few years ago. It is one of my favorite pieces. Ever. 
With the color change, I left Michelle's makeup as it was. She wore:

3. The final outfit in the Retro Glam series was a Bestey Johnson dress. I snagged it at the outlet in San Marcos for a steal. Again we used Michelle's shoes, which modernized the look.
We pulled back her bangs for this one - I think it sweetened her face. It was lovely. 
I intensified her plum and black makeup, deepening the concentration. For her lips, we switched to a pinkish tone.
Her jewelry was pretty fabulous for this one:
J. Crew Starfish Earrings $34.95

The women in the laundromat were having quite a time watching us!
This was such a fun adventure...

Make sure to check out Kayla's full post (MORE PHOTOS!).
There is more to come. :)


Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot monday. Jorts.

I am loving the brightly colored shorts this summer. I took the advice of my friend at the fierceglamour blog - cheeeeeap shorts. :)

Here is my outfit for this hot Monday.
Shorts: Forever21
Top: Loft
Jewelry: Stella & Dot
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Gucci (gasp!)

This outfit was great today because I could look a little dressed up without having to wear pants. I loved it. :)

Do you wear jorts? ;) Who wears jort jorts? hahah...

let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Wedding wear

Today I went to the wedding of a sweet friend. It was a gorgeous wedding at Elmwood Gardens. The ceremony was outdoors, and this is June in Texas, so I decided to be a breezy as I could. This is the breakdown of my outfit:

$35.99 ( I think)
So hot.

My hair was like this:
photo here

These shoes:
(tacky photo, I know. I'll replace it soon. :))

Headband from Loft, similar to this, but gold:

I wore neutral eye makeup and a cherry pink lip, inspired by this:
photo here

These were my necklaces:
($69 and $59, respectively)

and my ring:

Plus earrings:

I felt like a babe... a cool, breezy summertime babe. :)

By the way, the jewelry is from the Stella & Dot Renegade collection. Check it out here:

and you can find it all here:

I hope you find a small bit of inspiration for yourself today!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Inspiration Reciprocation

It is oh-so-stormy here today, and my fashion is limited to a messy braid (I am feeling a hair-post coming on...).

I wanted to share with you a picture of one of my dearest friends, Amanda - she read my Rompers post, and she sent me this pic, saying she was inspired!

Forever 21
Smocked Rose Romper
HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?! Omg. I am in love.

I love to hear what my readers are up to fashion-wise. Have something great to share? Send it in!