Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monochrome comfort - packing for an unknown land

Turns out, Boo is taking me on a surprise trip for my birthday! Woohoo! So excited. 
I am trying to pack, but he won't tell me ANY details - all I know is the temp is "between 70-90" and he's not saying anything else...
I am, of course, turning to Polyvore.com to help me. Here's an idea i've just been playing with.

I have all these items, or items similar to them. I can recreate this outfit pretty easily, and I think it will be good for if we go to a city...
I'll work on other "destinations" next.
Have you ever done this? Totally blind packing is hilarious.


Monochrome comfort

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Minimalism - Dresses & Jeans

Ok, I have met with about a hundred people about craigslist stuff, and my house is full of boxes. omg. :)
I am still in the process of eliminating  LOTS of stuff from our home, which feels good. Here is MORE of the base-line on the closet. 

OMG. Who has this many dresses? And so few pants? I've really gotta work on this...

Have you ever done a full visual inventory of you closet? I'd love to know!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Moving has prompted me to clean out my closet. As a result, I have a pile of really great clothing that I simply don't wear anymore. 
I thought, what a perfect time to do a Blog Sale! So here ya go!

Size Small

Size M

Anthropologie - Maeve
Size 6

Free People
Size S

Urban Outfitters - Kimchi Blue 
Size S

Size M

Size M

Vintage... absolutely gorgeous.

needs a repair at the zipper - pretty easy to fix.
Size 6/8

Size M

Strapless, mid-thigh length
Size 8 (more like a 6)

Size 6ish

Free People
Size 4

Loft Ann Taylor Jegging
Size 8

Adriano Goldschmied jean
"the Stevie"
Size 29
Hemmed slightly too short for me - would be perfect for a petite person (under 5'3")

If you are interested in any of these, let me know {dawnashleyharris(at)gmail(dot)com}! The prices include shipping, and i'm willing to haggle a little, but not much. I accept Paypal.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Makeup Monday: Just peachy

We are deep in the throes of packing right now. SO MUCH STUFF.
Never buy things - they will swallow you.

I am grungy today, in shorts and a tank, but I realized I needed to do my makeup post, so I went ahead and got slightly cute. Here ya go:

Items used:
Other than that it's the usual - Maybelline Mascara, Precious Posy Blush (clinique), lip balm. :)
ps - I am wearing these Stella & Dot Earrings.

Wish me luck as Boo and I pack! It's a little overwhelming.... 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minimalism: the Prelude

I am about to move... to Portland, Oregon. :) My Boo and I decided, with much prayer and a sense of trust in adventure, that we are ready for a change of pace. We will head to our new city in September, and there is so much to do! It is so hard to know what to pack first (you have to use your plates, ya know?), so I decided to use this time right now to begin prioritizing things we DON'T need to take. Number one being my wardrobe.
I simply have too much stuff. I am a collector of sorts... I keep all my clothes for EVER. I realize it's impractical... So, this move, I am going to go a bit more minimalist. Inspired by some other writers, I decided to go through my closet with a critical eye and 
eliminate things that don't look good, feel good, or go with at least 3 other items. in. tense. 

I wanted to show you a base-line of where my closet is after a little purge this morning:

Black/Grey tops

 Includes 3 tanks (sparkly, plain, embellished), 2 v-necks (plain and print), one striped, one grey, and one loose-fitting blouse

Tops: Grey with colors, sweaters.
Includes 2 tanks (pink&grey, B&W stripes), 3 sweaters (2 patterned, 1 solid grey) and 1 multicolored, fancy top

Blues and Purples AKA the only colors I wear
includes 1 ditsy floral, 2 plaid, 1 sweater, 1 dressy top, 3 "nice" tops, 1 vintage sequins, and 3 tanks

 Coral: AKA The OTHER only color i own.
Includes 1 one-shoulder top, 5 tanks (differing levels of fanciness), and 1 blouse. OMG.

 More Blues & Greens
2 sweaters, 2 strapless, 2 tanks, 1 peasant top
 Yellow and white: pretty much the same because they're both ugly
1 tank, 1 button up, 1 sweater
 Fancy, cool-weather outerwear
2 black cardis, 1 "tribal", 1 vintage sequin, 1 modern grey sequin 
Fancy outerwear for warmer weather
2 vests (long and short), 1 floral sweater, 1 coral sequin top, 1 fringe-y black bolero

Don't tell me it's hilarious. I like it.

1 black wool coat, 1 navy blazer, 1 green cropped jacket, 1 long houndstooth coat
9 skirts. Wow.
1 purple leather (I kid you not), 2 checkered, 2 floral, 1 black, 1 pink, 1 casual.
Almost all pencil skirts (what else would I buy? I'm no fool).

Too many. 2 denim, 1 brown/dressy, 2 checkered, 2 brights, 1 khaki, 1 linen.

Ok, this doesn't include dresses, jeans, or shoes.... That will come later.