I am a girl with a desire to make every woman feel beautiful. Because you are beautiful. 
I have a long history of doling out fashion advice to lovely ladies: I lived in Austin, Tx, for most of my life. I worked at a boutique that specialized in personal styling and client relationships. I kept a list of approximately 200 clients, each of whom I knew by name. These women asked me to style them for anything from a hot date to an interview, from their first big performance at ACL Festival to fundraising events.
I loved styling these women - I got to see so many girls go from "I never know what to wear" to "I feel like a babe every time I walk out the door." That is my favorite part - giving someone the confidence to strut out the door, knowing that all of their first impressions will be amazing.

Everyone knows that a wretched woman in fabulous clothes is still wretched. But not everyone knows that even the most precious gem of a girl can get overlooked for that job, that friendship, that opportunity because she dresses below her potential. A wardrobe doesn't make the woman - but when you look slammin' in your clothes, people can think about YOU instead of fixating on whether you are aware of your totally avoidable muffin top. 
This is where I come in. I will create a beautiful, interesting, elegant, fun wardrobe for your sweet self, teach you how to wear it, and the rest is up to you. Let's get you dressed like the vixen you are!


Email: dawnashleyharris@gmail.com
Cell: 512.695.1621