Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Rolling racks


In the new house, we have about 1 foot of hanging space. We bought a rolling rack from target, and this is our current situation. Don't laugh.

Jealous? Thought so.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wowza - absence makes you miss me?

It has been a busy busy month. First off, my honey took me to NYC to visit my 2 best friends for a week. It was wonderful, and the outfits I chose were spot-on. Thank goodness. ;)
Then, we came home and packed up our house in Tyler. All of it.
Then, we were in Austin for 2 weeks, staying with about 5 different people, waiting to move.

Then, we got in the car and drove from Austin to Albequerque to Flagstaff to Salt Lake City to Boise to PORTLAND.
Now, we live in Portland... but not in our own house yet. We are staying with some friends of our friend's parents for a week.
Then, we move into our place on Sunday. For a 3 month lease. :) Then we move again... hahah

So here's a little taste of what fashion has been for the last month or so:

 It was super fun, but I was growing weary of my long hair...
We went to a rooftop wig party, and I wore this silly little number....
which made me think - maybe I can do short?
We really enjoyed shopping. I got this whole outfit from urban Outfitters. :)
When I got home, I kept thinking about the hair thing...
I decided to cut it all off and donate to Locks of Love!

I have NEVER had hair this short. It feels fun. Haha, dude... I can't believe I did it. But I love it.

I'll become more regular again (in every way, but most specifically blogging) next week once I have a home.