Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A lesson on Trendiness

Hello and Happy New year, my lovelies!

I am back from Italy with some fun thoughts and a few presents for myself - like gucci sunglasses... ;)

I was noticing whilst trekking through Rome how trend is sometimes not so hot. About 80% of the people I saw there were wearing some variation of this jacket:

found here.

Now, I'm not hating on trendiness. I dig trendy. But, I would like to remind us all that if an item makes you look fatter... It is a bad idea. (Parachute pants, anyone?)

So, while I did see a ton of beautifully dressed people, I also saw that a great portion of them had gotten sucked into a wholly unflattering trend. The lesson here? If it doesn't make you look/feel/act beautiful, don't buy it. 

When I style you, I will make sure not to put you in anything dumb. I promise. :)

I missed you guys. Glad to be back.


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