Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Skinny clothes


Until we get the holiday fluff off, I think it is important to still feel lovely. Because, let's face it, nobody with a life notices those 5 pounds. It's just us noticing our silly flaws and forgetting how super-mind-blowingly hot we are. So, when you get dressed in the morning, I want you to put on something that makes you feel like a sex kitten. or a goddess. Whichever you prefer. :)
I like this:
Find it here.
Or you can go for a totally effortless look, like this girl:

Find it here.

Also - I want you to wear heels. Do it. You will be amazed at how sexy you feel just adding heels to your jeans+ simpleshirt outfit. 

I have been wearing these non-stop:
Find them here.

basically, lovelies, I want you to feel fancy. You are such bombshells. :) I lurve you.


PS - Urbanoutfitters.com is having a shoe sale right now! You could have the suede pumps too! :)

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