Saturday, October 29, 2011

Something Saturday: Stella & Dot!

Many of you know that I work with a jewelry line called Stella & Dot. It is vintage-inspired, made in Fair Labor facilities, and so on trend. I wear it every day, and I set up my jewels in people's homes, coffee shops, wine bars... anywhere women are having a good time. :)

I wanted to share with you a little more about it.

It honestly is one of the most amazing companies I have EVER heard seen. I went to Hoopla {our annual training conference} earlier this year, and it was amazing. The leadership in this company is out of control. We have people from HUGE brands that decided to come work for us. We are backed by the same firm {Sequoia Capital} as Google, Apple, Zappos, and a ton of other huge companies.
But best of all, this company is empowering women. Like, in a big way. Just about every day I hear a new story of how owning a Stella & Dot business has allowed someone to do something amazing, like quit the job they hated, take their kids to europe, have HOPE and STABILITY through cancer treatment, pay off student loans, move to WHEREVER they wanted because they knew they had found the right company for them. It is so inspiring to be part of this fun, sassy, smart tribe of women. We are so much more than just sales people. We are styling our own lives, creating our own luck, and helping other women do the same. I am so lucky to be part of it. 

I wanted to share this with you because I'm sure some of you are in that place - you want to make some extra money, have more freedom, and gain control over your life. Stella & Dot has the tools to help you become a fantastic businesswoman

If it interests you, I'd love to tell you more about it. There is a special sign-up incentive happening now {think FREE JEWELRY} until Oct 31st. 
You can check out the company here:

And feel free to email me with questions. :)




  1. Thumbs up for women empowerment!
    Sounds good! I'm certainly interested. Off to check out the website! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Sounds great. Thanks for the idea and links...keeping it in mind...xo.

  3. Ladies, it really is lovely. :) So glad you are intrigued!
    Linton Darlings - not sure if they are in Aruba yet. We just expended to the UK though!
    And Katie, I love your blog. Thank you for commenting! Definitely let me know if I can answer your questions.


  4. This is so great. Thanks for sharing! The jewelry is beautiful.

    xx, Ally

  5. That jewelry looks amazing! I absolutely would wear it! :)