Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bit of art to brighten your day

Good afternoon, my lovelies!

I am a bit late posting today because.... I move TOMORROW. That's right, I will be a "personal stylist based in Tyler, Tx" as of tomorrow. Husband's job = we are vagabonds. ;)
Since I am surrounded by housewares, naturally I'm thinking of decor for our new place. I love this:

Vespa Love
Find it here.

So happy. :) 
I also love this dress - incredibly sexy & classic:

Marcella Moda
Party Dress
find it here.

Cool thing too - this vendor is having a sale, and donating part of her profits to UNICEF. Feels good the give back while looking fabulous. :)

Much love, my darlings.


ps - I might be MIA for a few days during the move. I will miss you. :) Check back - because I won't be moving forever! mwah.

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