Monday, April 23, 2012

Makeup Monday: Yellow means "Clear the Intersection"

Have you heard about those crazy Sally Hansen stick-on nail strips? I've seen my friends wearing them for the last couple of seasons, but I'm such a committed nail polish girl {I do a mani every week, usually while watching Gilmore Girls} that I've never given them a shot. 
Last week, though, I saw some on sale.... in NEON YELLOW. Do you have any idea how impossible it is to find an awesome shade of yellow nail polish? Always too thin, too milky, too orange, too whatever. 
Did you know that yellow nails are a big trend for this summer? Yep. :)

I gave it a shot - here's how it turned out!


1. It's not any easier to apply the strips than it is to apply polish. 

2. The strips don't last nearly as long/as well as a good manicure. Mine have only been on for about 4 days, and they already look like this:

All crackly... Not awesome.

3. I do like that they come in rad colors/patterns. 

I think I'd only try them again for a special event, where I wanted to have something crazy - fishnet nails, leopard nails... you know. :)
Have you tried the strips? What do you think?


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  1. I tried one of the nail strips (not sure if it was Sally Hansen or not) and they actually stayed for awhile. It was a pain to get them off!! I do like all the patterns they come in.

  2. I've never tried strips before! In all honestly, I don't paint my nails very often but I am loving the yellow shades.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. ooo i love how you showed us how it wears. i love the color! and your ring is so pretty!!! love it!

  4. I've never tried the strips. Would like to, but they do seem difficult to apply! I really like this color, tho!