Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My beautiful friend, Laurs

Laurie is one of my dearest friends in the world. She is smart, witty, clever, and totally beautiful. Problem is, until about a year ago, her grad-student money left little room for her to have a cool closet.
We hang out all the time, and naturally we started shopping together. Over the course of several months, with much planning, coffee, magazines, and love, we revamped her wardrobe.
Most of the stuff we purchased were basics, which I showed her how to accessorize. :) Now that Winter is almost upon us and I'm no longer in the same town, she got a bit nervous about how to update her stuff! So, we did an online seasonal update. Here are some of the things she is going to be sporting this season:

This is the epitome of what I hope for when styling someone - empowerment, confidence, and freedom. While the main pieces are things we found together, she has totally taken over and most of the updating was done by her, with me simply there for support and direction.

VICTORY! I LOVE THIS! We can do this, ladies - let's be awesome, confident, sassy foxes together.


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