Monday, May 7, 2012

MakeupFREEMonday: Syrup and Honey Soapbox

If you've been following the blog for more than about 1 minute, you probably know how I feel about makeup. I LOVE IT. I think everyone needs a creative outlet. Since I'm not great at art/craft/sewing/etc, I do makeup. It fills that creative void in so many ways.

HOWEVER. I also believe that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just as you are. Makeup is not about covering up some "ugliness" but rather about taking joy in making art with your body.
I know makeup gets a lot of hate, and I get it. It can change the way people perceive you (lame), and this knowledge has make so many women afraid to leave the house without makeup. That is horrible, honestly.
LADIES! YOU ARE PERFECT. STOP EATING THESE LIES. You are allowed to wear as little or as much (but please, not too much) as you like.

Which is why I spent today bare-faced. It felt goooood. It felt niiiice. I like my face, ok? You know what? Here it is - I'm not scared:

Now, lovers, I'm not saying you need to go bare to please anyone, either. Wearing makeup doesn't make you a bad person, and going  face-naked doesn't make you a good one. 

What I am saying is this: Take care of your skin. Drinks lots of water. Exercise. Get a massage every so often. Laugh with your friends, but never at the expense of someone else. Appreciate your body and all of the things it does for you.

Then, if you want to wear makeup, GO FOR IT! And if you don't? Don't let the expectations of others keep you from being you. You are force to be reckoned with, because your beauty is not dependent upon whether you paint your face.

And that, my dears, is my soapbox for today.


ps - I know for many of us (myself included), we've struggled with problem skin. I had TERRIBLE skin from age 13 until last year. I went to the dermatologist, who gave me all kinds of crap that never helped, and usually made things worse. One day, I magically stumbled across Crunchy Betty, and it changed my life. I have had nearly-perfect skin for 7 months now, just by switching to honey and olive oil to wash and moisturize my face.
If you've had a hard time with your skin, i highly recommend checking out CB. Try some new things - see what works. You might find that little miracle like I did.

pps - here's where today's title comes from:


  1. Very awesome and inspiring post.! Very well said doll.

    <3 Marina

  2. Lovely post!
    I am so going to check out Crunchy Betty!
    Thank you Dash