Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeup Monday: False Lashes Tutorial

Remember how I had that fancy photoshoot last week? And how I mentioned the makeup I would use? Well, today I wanted to show how I got those big, fabulous eyes and looked much better than usual. The key? Individual false eyelashes. I like them better that strip lashes for photography because the look is somehow both more dramatic AND more natural. It's just so glamorous, and you can't see the strip, so it really tricks the eye.
Here's a little step-by-step:

Bare Beginnings:

Individual Lashes:
 First one goes on - use tweezers to dip the end of the lash in the glue. Then nestle the lash in your own lashes, and hold for 5 seconds:
Apply from the outer corner to almost the center: 
 Allow the glue to set for 5 minutes, then put some shimmery shadow and a little wing with black liner:
Brown liner on bottom:
 Add blush, mascara, and lipgloss:

BAM! Drama lashes!
I hope your week is off to a lovely start. 


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